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How It Works

Our plugin works in conjunction with the Chrome extension, Amazon Product Details. This handy extension allows you to extract specific product details directly from Amazon. With a single click, you can retrieve essential information such as product title, price, ratings, reviews, and features.

How it works

Key Features of Amazon Product Importer

  • Chrome Extension Integration
  • Efficient Data Import
  • Comprehensive Data Management
  • CSV Export
  • Customizable Field Mapping
  • User-Friendly Interface
Amazon Product Importer - Apsara Aruna

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Ready to take your e-commerce business to new heights? Get started with Amazon Product Importer today. Experience the ease and efficiency of importing and managing product data from Amazon like never before. Revolutionize your workflow and see the difference it makes in your business’s growth and profitability.

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Simplify Import and Management

Effortlessly manage and import Amazon deals with this powerful WordPress plugin. Customize templates, upload CSV files, and set post types. Read the documentation and get started today!